• The Gand Oil accompany you on every journey!

About the Gand Oil

The Gand Oil accompany you on every journey and serve any mechanical requirement with quality and reliability, providing you with high performance lubricants and high performance for any kind of motor surpassing the stringent requirements of major manufacturers.

The production Gand Oil

The Gand Oil has a comprehensive range of high quality lubricants Gasoline Engine, Diesel Engine, Agricultural Machinery, Motorcycles, Gear Oils & Lubricants, Hydraulic Systems, Drive Train, Elevator, Heat Transfer, Industry, Air Compressor, Gear Aeros, Wire Rope, Cutting & Metal Processing, Shipping, Marine Engines, Outboard and lubricants for various other applications.

The philosophy and vision of Gand Oil

Gand Oil has been forging a successful path in the automotive and marine engine oil industry for over a decade. Ten years ago, our vision gave us the impetus we needed to create high-end products to meet the requirements of old and new technology cars and machinery. A strongly growing company, we believe that only a balanced and sustainable development, which respects both people and the environment can be beneficial to today's increasingly aware consumer. Gand Oil aims to continuously develop and provide quality products, but also quality and specialized services in order to fully meet the requirements of its customers through its dealer network.

Our company's commitment to the consumer is that:

  • Gand Oil products will always exceed stated specifications.
  • Pricing will be competitive.
  • Advice and technical services will be provided to the customer in an accommodating and polite manner.

The company recognises that an effective quality system is necessary and to that end, rewards its partners for achieving the goals entrusted to them, i.e.:

  • Faithfully implementing the TUV ISO 9001:2008 quality system procedures.
  • Making sure that quality is assured through joint decision-making at all levels.
  • All Gand Oil products meet the latest standards of the greatest international engine oil associations: Αmerican Petroleum Institute (API), Assosiation des Constructeurs Européens d’ Automobiles (ACEA), International Standards Organization (ISO), (JASO), the U.S. Military and the greatest car manufacturers, e.g. Volkswagen-VW, Mersedes Benz - MB, Ford.

The facilities of the Gand Oil